Let me ask you a question, why did you decide to get on the internet today? When you fired up your device, what were you searching for? 

No matter what app or website you started with, that answer is always the same…

Maybe you are looking to improve your mood, distract yourself from problems, or just doing something mindless to give you brain a rest, so you play a game. You could be looking for something specific from someone important, seeing what the latest deals are so you can save money on the things you want, going through your emails to make life easier to manage, or reading the latest news

When you want to expand your knowledge, learn a new skill, connect with friends, readthe latest gossip, be entertained, or any of the other seemingly infinite, activities on the internet, you are looking to better yourself.

Then it only makes sense that the perfect place to start this website is talking about you, because you really are all that matters!!

Why Did You Come To This Website?

You have come to find a way to grow your business and live the life you desire, am I right? And you feel that I may be able to assist you. 

Maybe in your case, to grow your business, you need someone to speak at your next event and were looking for that person to connect with your audience, giving them insight and actionable items that will create immense value for you.

Do you need the opinion, or full interview, of an expert, for your website, podcast, or whatever you do, to create quality content for your audience that makes you look like a go-to source for great information?

Could it be that your a business owner and want someone who has experience growing businesses into the million of dollars, come in and give you the direction you need to reach the next level of success? Or do you desire more full-time, hands on attention, and want to find the perfect person for your business opportunity?

Even if you came to this website to learn more about me and connect, the truth is, you did it for you. That is exactly the way it should be. Everyone of us, who browse the internet, is looking for a way to improve our lives, our businesses, go on vacation, relax, or something. Some people would say that is inherently selfish, but for me I think it is perfect. It is perfect to me because it helps me do what I have a passion for, helping others grow to achieve the life they want, through teachable and repeatable processes!

The reason I built this site is to help you as much as possible. 

In order to fulfill that goal, I need to know about you, so fill out the form below, so we can start working on your future. 

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Meet Dwayne:

Dwayne Vera is an growth consultant, entrepreneur, and award-winning Fortune 500 leader, who has spent over a dozen years working with various companies that span from start-ups to Fortune 100. By using the processes and techniques leveraged by the world largest and most profitable companies in the world, Dwayne is able to maximize growth for any business. Dwayne brings a creative style and high-energy approach, that is both effective and memorable, using his world-class relationship building ability, to understand the needs of others, and leverage his network to achieve win-win results.