What the Top 1% of Businesses Know That You Don't How a Small Handful of Businesses are Winning Your Customers 

 Secrets of Fortune 500

Learn how to design a customer experience that powers some of the worlds biggest brands.

Your Going to Discover:

  • What is an ICP?
  • Why a “Mission Statement” Isn’t Enough
  • The Easiest Way to Hire For LESS $$
  • How a 10 Minute Story can at 10x Growth.
  • Lauren Giving Feedback

  • Mike Saying Thanks

  • Jade excited about information

  • Richards bakery is Growing!


Dwayne Vera started working for minimum wage, changed careers and in 2 short years, turned a last-place sales team into a top producer, won multiple awards and made multiple companies millions of dollars.

This FREE training class cut’s right to the chase and reveals exactly how he was able to win over customers so quickly and how you can do the same starting RIGHT NOW!

Dwayne is one of the best at winning clients over and has helped multiple companies grow revenue by the Millions with his methods.

Usually charging $6,000+ to work directly with clients, this training reveals the Most Important Step to you for FREE!

  • Sharpest Tool in the Shed

    Dwayne is one of the sharpest people I have ever spoken too. I have spent countless $1’000’s on Seminars and Consultants, and honestly, feel I received more beneficial information from Dwayne during a Networking Dinner than an entire week of “Experts”.

    Dr. Lay
    Product Inventor
  • Worth Every Penny

    I have worked in customer service departments for multiple Fortune 500 companies for the past 15 years, and I can say the value that Dwayne brings is top-notch. The way he interacts with people and gets them to buy into his system creates an environment where people want to bring their best every time. 

    Katherine R.
    CX Specialist
  • Future as Bright as Anyone

    I have worked with Entrepreneurs and CEO’s for over 35 years, and In my opinion, Dwayne’s Future is as bright as anyone’s. He truly is Customer-Obsessed and it shows by the quality of his teaching and the message he preaches. 

    Bernard D.
    Consultant to Consultants