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Here Is Your Curriculum:

After Going through This Course You Will Be Able To Make More Money WITHOUT Having To Spend More Time. Learn To Leverage The Same Techniques Used By Top Performers, Overachievers, President Club Winners, and Other Successful Individuals. Below Is Just a Small Sample Of What You Will Be Learning Each Week.. 

What You Will Learn in Week 1:


How To Get Your Heart To Win Business:

Many other programs start off with MINDSET to prepare you for success. I prove to you why scientifically we should NOT be starting with mindset, but with our hearts, if we truly want to be successful. 


The First 2 Sales Every Legend Makes:

If you do not make these sales first, then you will continue struggling to find success in your personal and professional life.

What You Will Learn in Week 2:


How To Identify Your Perfect Buyers, To MAXIMIZE RESULTS While Minimizing Effort:

Amateurs go after anyone with a pulse, but you are learning to be legendary. After this exercise, you will understand the importance of knowing who to sell too and how to easily find them.


The Only Way To Structure Your Buyers Journey While Building Loyalty And Momentum:

Every interaction a buyer has with your brand is a step in their buyers journey. Setting this up properly can make the difference between someone casually browsing, or someone looking to purchase and tell their friends. 

What You Will Learn in Week 3:


How To Build A Quality Personal Brand:

No matter if you work for yourself or someone else, make no mistake, you are a brand. Here we will learn how to leverage time to maximize efficiency when it comes to building a personal brand. When you are done with this section, you will have a clear path to success. 


Legendary Sales Conversations

In this section, we go over some incredibly effective ways to approach, interact, and close the deal with a customer. Your prospects will go from having no idea who you are to telling their friends about how awesome you are. You will also learn how to quickly move past objections. This Section Also comes with templates and phone scripts that have been used to close $Millions in revenue. 

What You Will Learn in Week 4:


How You Can Be UnMotivated And Still Destroy You Goals.

Too many people rely on constant motivation to try and accomplish their goals. Most people do not know how to motivate themselves, and even those who do can find it hard at times to be motivated. Learn how to be successful even if you lack motivation on any given day.


How To Find The Simplest Path To Wealth:

This is NOT about getting rich quickly. This section is about finding out what exactly you should be doing at all times. Learning this 1 skill will allow you to multiply your income, up to 10x.

You Ready To Be a Legend?

Here Is How This 4 Week Class Will Change Your Life

You Will Look Back On Your Life And Be Able To Identify The Exact Moment It Changed.

Have Better Relationships

Even if you decide not to apply this training professionally (You would be crazy not too!) you can still benefit by having higher quality relationships and positive people in your life.

Make More Money

At the end of the day, we all need money to survive. We may love what we do, but we wouldn’t do it for free. Since you are spending your time away from your family, imagine attracting in 1 hr what you used to make in a day.

Become Recession Proof

Learning these valuable skills makes you highly employable, as well as equipped to work for your own business if that’s your desire. 

Have More " You" Time

When you are conducting sales the RIGHT way, leads and potential customers start to come to you. This allows you to have more time for yourself, your family, and friends, and to do the things you want to do. Good-Bye Corporate rules.

Increased Self Esteem

Even if you are naturally an “outgoing” person, this class will help you boat your self-esteem.

Feel Accomplished

A Goal without a plan is simply a wish. You will no longer have to wish, but be able to accomplish what you desire financially and professionally. Imagine the joy you will feel when you’re achieving goals you didn’t think were possible.

You Also Receive…

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this class, you will receive a beautifully designed Diploma that should be added to your resume’ and online profiles. Let everyone know that you are now equipped to provide legendary experiences.

Group Access

Receive access to an exclusive group of other Legends, where we will talk about our big wins, role play with each other, answer questions, and celebrate our successes. Everyone here will understand and help you reach your true potential.

Tools For Success

At the end of every week, you will be provided with tools that will make applying what you learned 10x easier! These tools will prove valuable when completing your assignment for the next week.

Weekly Q&A With Dwayne

Because this training is live, not a pre-recorded webinar, there will also be special Q & A Sessions that allow you to ask Dwayne questions that are specific to you. These questions can be about something covered in the class, or even a topic not covered in the class. Dwayne is committed to your success.


Upon completion of the class and entrance into the group. You will receive a personalize endorsement from Dwayne on your LinkedIn page. As we know, endorsements are the modern reference, and it will be prominently on your site, letting others know what makes you legendary.

Endless Opportunities

As your confidence grows, as your relationships with other legends deepen and you start to see the power of the Success Formula, you will see endless opportunities before you. Maybe it is a new career, a promotion, to work for yourself, or to help others.

Sales Legend Academy
Sales Legend Academy
Sales Legend Academy
Sales Legend Academy
Sales Legend Academy
Sales Legend Academy

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Testimonials What Our Clients Say

  • I have taken other classes that spoke about mindset and motivation, but none of them talked about how actual connections are made that ensure not only a sale now, but set up a foundation for referrals. This information have helped me double my business.

    headshot of man
    Mark D.
    SaaS Account Manager
  • Working with [SalesLegendAcademy] has helped me understand the reason different sales associates can be successful, even when they have vastly different skill sets. 

    women smiling headshot
    Jorden Jensen
    Sales Manager
  • This information blew my mind. I have always had awesome months followed by bad months. So to find out that it has little to do with motivation was a GAME CHANGER!! I am looking forward to being a Diamond Club Member next year!

    forest man headshot
    Brett Mason
    SaaS Rep
  • I was skeptical of another sales training promising results at first, but after watching Dwayne teach with science and reason instead of just feel good messaging I knew this was going to work. And I have seen the results myself.

    women headshot 2
    Cameron Walsh
    Sales Executive
  • I always loved connecting with people and wanted to get paid to do it. Learning how to identify and find my perfect customers allows me to maximize my time healing those who truly need me.

    women headshot
    Howard S
    Life Coach
  • As a client, it’s been an exhilarating experience, watching my team get to the next level. The value of this training can not be overstated. Anyone, whether an individual contributor, sales leader, or entrepreneur needs to understand these principles.

    headshot of man 2
    Luis Garner
    VP of Sales.

Get Uncomfortable

All of your goals are outside of your comfort zone, but that does not mean that they have to be outside of your reach!