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Customer Experience Ambassador

I help companies find the perfect balance of automation and human connection.

Learn the steps some of the most profitable companies in the world use to delight their customers and grow their business.


My professional story begins as a kid, standing behind the desk of a retail store. 

There I was, as a shift supervisor, thinking to myself, “There has to be a better future than working up to the Store Manager of this place.” (Store Managers made maybe 35K per year, and I was 2 promotions away!).

   With a store full of people, and my “help” running late from lunch, I had to let those thoughts go, because people NEEDED MY HELP. (Really, they just wanted the latest video game, but it was important.) After the longest 30 minutes of my life, there was 1 man left, standing there in a suit. As he approached me, I was trying to think of the possible reasons he might be upset. “Did I not greet him? Did I give him the wrong item? Are we about to battle? (Dramatic!)

He came up to the counter and said, “I am impressed with the way you handled the customers! I sat back and watched you.” 

After some chatting about my goals and the future, he offered me a salaried position with his company, on the spot.


“The size of your business does not matter. Neither does your target market or how long you have been around. The only thing that matters is the experiences people have, whether employee or customer, when they interact with your brand.”

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