Igniting the Fire Within

Something amazing happens when you listen to the timely words of a motivational speaker. When you come in contact with such an individual, they have the ability to energize you to make potentially life changing steps towards a better future. Whether this is at a seminar, a hired speaker from your company, a professional coach, or a mentor, anytime you have the opportunity to speak with, or listen to, this person, you have a renewed sense of zeal. This zeal gives you the energy to take on the toughest of tasks, and put a tremendous amount of “to-do’s” in the “done” bucket (and who doesn’t love a full “done” bucket?).

But what makes someone “motivational” in the first place? And is there a way you can use this knowledge to motivate yourself? I mean after all, we all love to have an outside force motivating us, the proverbial “dangling carrot”, but what happens when you are left to your own thoughts? If fear creeps up, how do you push past those feelings to accomplish your goals? This is the real test. Paying your hard earned money, or limited time, to constantly go to another seminar or read another book, is not always feasible, which is why you have to learn to ignite the fire within.

"...what happens when you are left to your ?"

Some people are naturally inspirational, while others can barely get others to look at them, let alone inspire them to move mountains. How do you transform into your own personal mountain mover? Most individuals who are motivational have a few things in common. First, they believe wholeheartedly in what they are saying and doing. Think of someone like Tony Robbins, whose passion for his message literally oozes out of him as he speaks. He went from a nighttime janitor and handyman, to the “Power 100” list by Wealth magazine, among other honors. He did this, by using the very same techniques that he teaches in his books and seminars. So when he is teaching, he is sharing something that completely transformed his life! A motivational person also knows the biggest enemies to progress are comfort and fear. 

The Great Discomfort

 Most people find themselves in what is commonly referred to as “the comfort zone” and they stay there, hoping that something will come along and expand their comfort zone just a bit further. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, and when it does, it still keeps you in the same frame of mind, waiting for others to validate you and tell you when it is appropriate to accomplish more. What about a person who can self motivate? They understand that all of their goals are outside of their comfort zone…. All of them! If they were within your comfort zone, then you would already have have accomplished them. Once you realize that you have to get outside of your comfort zone to achieve the things you want, then you will start to become comfortable with discomfort and that is when greatness can be achieved. We have seen this played out over and over in life. We love “rags-to-riches” stories of under dogs who have no business being successful, becoming huge successes. One common element of all of these stories, is they stepped way outside of their (and those around them) comfort zone.

Fear Can be a Dirty Word

Nothing will extinguish the fire within you like fear. Being afraid can stop anyone and anything in it’s tracks. We even have expressions for this like, “paralyzed with fear” or “frozen with fear”, pointing to the fact that fear can make you stop, the opposite of progress and accomplishment. Not all fear is a bad thing. Everyone has a fear of something, but it is the effect of that fear, what direction it causes you to go, that can make it horrible. Most fear is of pain, the pain that comes when you try something and fail. No one wants to feel like everyone thinks they are a huge disaster. The truth is, some of the best success stories rose from the ashes of failure. Failure is how we learn, not just in business, but in life. Just ask anyone who speaks multiple languages, anyone who is a professional athlete, or watch any baby learn to walk, failure is the roadway to success. I would love to say that I have never failed at anything, but that would be a lie. I have failed spectacularly, but each failure has lead me to a place that was better than had I been successful, while teaching me to be comfortable with discomfort. If we learn to channel that fear, to motivate us further, that is when fear can become a powerful tool (think of running from something scary).  

"All of your of your comfort zone"

Light Your Fire

Many people dream about having a time machine so they could go back and “do it over”, accomplishing a life they do not currently possess. Because of their knowledge of the results of their decisions (or lack of) they would be motivated to make different decisions, knowing that different decisions would turn out better. The interesting thing, is many people do not look into the future and wonder what that person would tell them to do right now. Likely, it is the same thing you would go back and tell your past self, maybe not the small details (hair cuts rotate back in style), but the choices we make over and over. If, for a second, you imagined what life would be like if you had the motivation to push ahead and accomplish your dreams, you would become fired up by the idea of change and accomplishment. Focus your mind not on the fear of the unknown, because the unknown quickly becomes knowledge, when you experience it, and that knowledge will propel you to a future that future you will be proud of.