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The Rise of the Experience Economy

Companies all over the world are realizing that customers expect smooth experiences. But with bottlenecks in process, misplaced resources, and growing competition, only the most clever and efficient companies are winning customer loyalty.



Annual Revenue Business Lose Due to Poor Processes

All organizations run on processes.  Processes are how things get done. If processes are ineffective and/or inefficient, then time is wasted, deadlines are missed, customers are frustrated, or worse. 


6 hours a day per employee

6 hours a day per employee

Employees spend 1.8 hours a day searching and gathering information and 4.1 hrs a day checking there inbox, on average.


10 seconds of distraction = 25 minutes of refocus

10 seconds of distraction = 25 minutes of refocus

Distractions are everywhere and without set processes, science says it takes humans 25 minutes to refocus on tasks they were distracted from.




The % of customers who are willing to leave if not being given personal attention that is usually taken away by unnecessary work because of lack of proper processes.

What Separates the Winners from the losers?

Wrong Focus

Most business owners are looking exactly in the wrong place for success. They start at the top of their funnel, instead of building a strong foundation for their company to operate on, which creates shaky and unreliable customer experiences. This is why so many businesses crumble when but under the stress of growth.  

Wasted Resources

Massive amounts of time energy and finances are spent trying to fix the wrong problems, focus on the wrong customers, and hire the wrong candidates. All of this waste produces minimum returns (if any at all) and forces people to then shift focus (again) on fund raising, or acquiring clients at razor-thin margins. 



 Being able to provide a quality experience for your employees and customers that allows you to scale your business, be more competitive, organized, and rationalize costs, while lowering your operational costs and resource waste.

Your business being able to give this expected personalized experience, to every customer, creating fans for life. You have the ability to categorize your customers into groups with similar buying patterns, support issues, and more, allowing the company to make more relevant suggestions and provide a better customer experience, helping you know your customer, without being creepy or intrusive.

The Solution is Clear

It turns out that, when the business processes are poorly structured, all the efficiency and efficacy of an organization are compromised. To increase customer satisfaction, companies need to focus on delivering what they promise, keep customers engaged, and create a positive experience for them.

 You need to be able to harness the power of Fortune 500 processes and automations to create an influential, appealing, and scalable business. 

We Can Help


Inspection points in your companies experience

We will go through the 6 major components of your business to ensure that the experience is consistent with a high quality business, which will provide a clear path to long-term growth and sustainable success.


Marketing  & Branding

From social Media to Website, and everything in-between. We will help you craft a brand identity that resonates with your ideal customers. We will drill down every detail including HEX colors, voice of customer, functionality, and so much more, to ensure that your brand is providing a consistent quality experience from beginning to end. 


Sales is so much more than “getting 99 no’s to find that 1 yes”. Quality Sales organizations have sales flows that guide a sales process, while speaking to their customers needs, without stifling the individuality of their employees. We will go through every step of a sales interaction with your company, to ensure that your ideal customers know that you can solve their needs, with minimum friction or waste of your precious resources.

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Strategy starts with a well defined vision, but it does not end there. The easiest and fastest way for business owners to lose touch with their employees, customers, and business is not understanding their present, there is no way to develop a prosperous “future” without it. Does your company have a well defined customer journey? Vision for both customer and employees? Workload maps? We can help you answer these questions and many more to ensure everyone is working together on the path towards growth. 


Most companies claim to be customer first, but at a certain point of growth, this is the wrong approach to business. As a business owner and leader, your employees are your customers. Are you giving them the experience that will minimize turnover? Studies have shown that people will turn down, and even leave, higher paying jobs to give their loyalty to companies who align with their values. Let us help you redesign a company culture that gives its employees the best working environment, so they will provide the best experience to your customers.

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In virtually every industry, companies of all sizes have achieved extraordinary improvements in cost, quality, speed, profitability, and other key areas by focusing on, measuring, and redesigning their customer-facing and internal processes. What software is your marketing department using? Does it “talk” with your CRM (Hopefully you have one)? Are your employees part of the group who spends 40-60% of their day on tasks that could & should be automated? We will document your process and software usage, to stop overlap, close gaps, and ensure your resources are being maximized.


Going through the massive amount of data we collect, we will find savings, not only in the form of time saved for each of your employees, but actually Top Line Revenue. Finding Payroll errors is common (25% of employees experience paycheck errors) and costly ($6 Billion in IRS fines in 2020). Let us help you set up and audit the financial tools for your company. We helped one company find a full 10% of their Annual revenue!

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Incredible Features

Here is an idea of what you will receive.


Unlike the reports that prove themselves useless, these reports will give you insight into your business and your competition. See how your company measures up against others, and the directions you can take to gain the advantage.

Mind Maps

Have you ever thought about cutting costs, saving money and expanding the ability of your company? The best way of doing this is to apply and understand process mapping in your business. See the exact steps your company should take to unlock growth potential.

Flow Charts

All the procedures, training, and automation in the world will not help your customers if there is not a defined flow to their journey with your company. Understand the pass off of responsibility that your employees and software have when dealing with your precious clients.   


Easy visuals for you and your employees to see exactly what is needed to generate more success than you are currently having. Infographics are a perfect way to spice up training and give quick reminders of necessary items that will aid everyone.


Video interviews, video presentations, and video lessons will be plenty, allowing you to go back and dive into all the information presented (there is a lot!). Use this for future strategy sessions and reminders for actions steps that are further in the future.


Receive side by side examples of how growth can take place and where it is being stifled right now. Our graphs will give you yet another look into your business through the lens of your employees, your customers, and your numbers.

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We’ve been thrilled to work with some amazing folk at some of the most reliable and trusted companies. Comcast Business, American Express, Regions Bank, and U.S Cellular have all been great examples of how proper processing can lead to explosive growth. 

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